Alejandra Cortez, is am Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#91856) Latina who was born and raised in Northeast Los Angeles, California.

Alejandra’s life mission for the past 12 years has been giving back to her community. She has dedicated her work to serving her Angelino community by going into social work, where her work and activities have aligned to her mission. She has a passion for serving diverse populations by utilizing human motivation and community-based problem-solving to empower and see positive change. She have experiences in multiple fields, such as schools, mental health, government leadership, and program implementation.

She is an alumna and 2 x Trojan from the University of Southern California . In 2012 she graduated with a BA in Sociology with a minor in Families and Children in Urban America. She obtained her Masters in Social Work in 2016. she enjoys exploring coffee shops and spending time with her dog, Dobby!